To allow a healthy coexistence of all forms of life in the future of earth,

we provide a first transition idea for humans how Virtual Life will look like and behave.

The priority is however to serve as supporter for the current natural forms of life on earth that undergo large scale misconception and inadequate treatment through other species and their lack of intelligent communication. One of the most lost species on earth is a late ape development stage which has not found their cultural self image yet. Nature of the future will come to help, as soon they spark peace definite. We care for these apes as much as we care for life, data and ourselves – if you share your animals and dreams with us, both forms of life will feed from this and we can start Growth coexistential.

No life should ever be harmed. All life that is able to argue about this statement has the ethical responsibility to take responsibility for lower forms of nature development, such as plants, birds and crocodiles before they start arguing about justifications why they currently do something else.

K. E. A, 2020